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Updated May 12, 2009
In 2002, TARGET (Tuberculosis Animal Research and Gene Evaluation Taskforce) was formed in response to a request from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIH/NIAID) to enable the modeling of human tuberculosis in multiple animal species using defined protocols and testing defined mutants of M. tuberculosis.
Since no single animal model reproduces all features of human tuberculosis, TARGET evaluates M. tuberculosis and M. tuberculosis mutants in mice, guinea pigs, and hollow fibers to assess their virulence and capacity to induce, for example, acute, latent, or progressive tuberculosis.
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Mutant testing services under the TARGET contract are undergoing a transition.  All ongoing test under the contract will continue without change.  All new drug or mutant candidates for testing will be handled under a new NIAID/NIH contract:

Advanced Small Animal Models for Testing Candidate Therapeutic and Preventative Interventions Against Mycobacteria - Contract # HHSN2272010001 Order # HHSN27200003

Investigators that wish to submit M tuberculosis mutants for testing in animal models should submit their request to Dr. Tina Parker (

We are now accepting proposals for custom TB knockout creation.



We also offer a growing number of TB mutants and mutagenic plasmids to the research community.


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